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Bishop’s Stortford Museum

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Bishop’s Stortford Museum opens the doors to the fascinating history of the town and surrounding area.  With our mix of family friendly local history displays, holiday activities and themed walks and talks, we have something to offer the whole family.   If you want to explore the history of the town even further why not pick up a Town Trail – they are free and available from the Museum and Tourist Information Centre.  You can add a treat to your visit by taking a break in our Maltings Bar, themed to celebrate the town’s industrial heritage, which stocks a range of hot and cold drinks, snacks and Tiptree cakes.

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Object of the Month

Over the last two years the museum volunteers have written some fascinating feature articles for the Bishop’s Stortford Independent Newspaper.  We have added the back catalogue of articles to our website to form an on-line archive – as each new article is published it will be added to this great local history resource.


In the summer of 2019 a working group looking at the refurbishment of the bar/foyer area were bouncing around ideas to explain how the relationships between the history of the town, the Rhodes Arts Complex and British music culture could be included in the new reception designs.

One early idea was to try and develop a sort of “spider’s web” design to explain how these subjects all fitted together.  Although this original idea didn’t quite work it was clear that the concept of interlinking lines was a good one that could be developed further.

While the group were discussing their ideas they realised that improvements in transport infrastructure, and the impact that it had on the town, was a repeating theme in the town’s history.  It didn’t take long for this to evolve into the outline idea of using a travel map to join the separate elements together.

After some brief research into the use of travel maps by towns and cities around the UK the base concept was settled and the group went on to identify iconic local events and subjects that should be included on the map.  Once these had been agreed a large scale print of the map was produced and installed into the new reception opposite to the main entrance.

A new school visit using the Rhodes Map to explain how the town has grown over time is currently being developed and will be available from the start of the new academic year.  The visit will encourage students to explore the museum displays and identify objects that illustrate key changes in the town’s development.

Small scale glossy prints (21cm x 21cm) of the Rhodes Map are now available to buy from the Rhodes reception priced £1.50 each.

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